UWB Location Anchor Firmware Source Code - Price: $7,500 USD

The anchor firmware is used with our products A1102P and A1106P location anchor hardware.

We have multiple anchor hardware products, but there is only one set of firmware source code, which is universal. All models of anchor hardware use STM32F103RE as the main control chip.

The anchor firmware is divided into two parts: Bootloader and Application .

Bootloader is the boot program and does not change once it is flashed into the hardware. Its main functions are: loading applications/network upgrade applications.

Application is an application program, and the functions of the anchor are implemented here.

When firmware is upgraded, the new firmware is divided into multiple encrypted data packets and uploaded to the anchor (received by Bootloader or Application). After decryption, it is written to the backup Flash area, the use backup Flash flag is set, and the upgrade is completed by restarting.

The main functions of the anchor firmware are: receiving UWB wireless data packets sent by tags, receiving clock synchronization data packets sent by other anchors and maintaining clock synchronization with other anchors. There are also some additional functions, such as device MAC address/IP address/UWB parameters/synchronization only with the specified clock, etc. Later, we also added the function of sending signals to tags, such as sending alarm signals (for example, when a coal mine is in danger and requires emergency evacuation, an alarm signal is sent to the tag).

A light switch function has also been added for confirmation of outdoor anchors. The outdoor anchor will have an LED light. Use the anchor configuration program to issue a light switch command to confirm the anchor number.

For the built-in parameters of the anchor, use the "anchor Configuration Program" to configure them. "anchor Configuration Program" is provided to users free of charge. You can directly use the compiled "anchor Configuration Program" we provide, or you can purchase UWB Location Anchor Configuration Program Source Code - Price: $3,000 USD.

During production, usually only the Bootloader is flashed. Then use the "anchor Factory Initialization Program" to assign the EUI64/MAC address to the new anchor, write the default parameters, and flash the Application (the real firmware of the anchor). "anchor Factory Initialization Program" is for internal use and we do not provide it to users. We can provide the compiled "anchor Factory Initialization Program", and you can also purchase UWB Location Anchor Factory Initialization Program Source Code - Price: $4,000 USD.

All codes of the anchor firmware are written in IAR C and compiled using the IAR environment.

We ensure that you can compile the Bootloader and Application normally and flash them into the anchor MCU. If you want to add additional features, that's your business. Of course, you can also entrust us to help you develop other functions.



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