UWB Location Anchor Factory Initialization Program Source Code - Price: $4,000 USD

The anchor factory initialization program is a desktop application written in Delphi7.

The main functions of the anchor factory initialization program include:

  • Assign EUI64 ID to new anchor
  • Set the initial parameters of the anchor
  • Flash the firmware into the anchor MCU
  • Perform some basic tests on the anchor
  • Print factory nameplate

After the anchor PCBA is produced, the bootloader is usually only flashed into the MCU. The firmware of the anchor is usually flashed through the network through the "Factory Initialization Program".

We have automated this process as much as possible to reduce operator workload.

This protection program is written based on the "anchor Configuration Program". In a sense, it is an enhanced version of the anchor configuration program, but it is limited to internal production.

We ensure that you can compile the anchor factory initialization program normally using Delphi7.


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