A few years ago, I started a company with a few friends and produced several products, but the market was not good. The last project is to develop a laboratory management system for an anti-drug laboratory, which should be fine to use. Originally there were many potential customers, but due to the economic situation, the projects of several customers were postponed and they could no longer survive, so everyone had to break up.

I am 56 years old and it is a bit embarrassing to look for a job again. I applied for some positions in Zhaopin but got no feedback. It seems that some companies have some positions that have been vacant for many years and are always recruiting people. I don’t know what kind of tricks they are doing. Of course, maybe HR just ignored me when they saw my age.

I have worked in large companies (Zhuhai Giant/AsiaInfo), and I have spent more time in small companies. Although I have worked in management positions, I am more interested in technology, so my final choice is all about technology.

General technical experience:

  • In the 1990s, I mainly used x86 assembly and C, and wrote a Chinese character system under DOS (the advantage is that it can display 24x24 dot matrix Chinese characters). I guess many people now don't know what this is. Efforts to promote it all come to nothing.

  • Delphi was used a lot in the 200x era. Delphi7 wrote a mail system that supported POP3/SMTP. The kernel was made into a COM component and a UI was written in ASP to support sending and receiving mails on the web. You should still be able to find it online now, and it's called "Lingjing Web Mail System". At that time, I wanted to try out the sharing software method. As a result, monthly income cannot cover expenses.

  • Then I found a job in a small company and led a team to write some application systems using Delphi.

  • Later, I went to help a friend's company and led the team to do some GIS things (Java+JS). I also used Delphi to write some small image processing programs for processing satellite photos (correction/color adjustment/photo stitching/segmentation). etc)

  • Later, I went to AsiaInfo to engage in telecommunications billing and was responsible for Guizhou Telecom’s technical support. Use C++/Java to add user requirements to the billing system, and more often use PL/SQL to control Oracle. After staying there for several years, I rose to the position of deputy department manager. But I don’t like it very much. I feel that AsiaInfo is too much like a state-owned enterprise, with all kinds of intrigues at the top. As a grassroots leader, in the cracks, if you are from the company's perspective, you must help the company find ways to squeeze its employees; if you are from the employee's perspective, you must withstand the pressure from above. Later I resigned.

  • I started a company with a few friends.

    • First, we built an access control system for a specific industry. When the warehouse is about to open, two people apply with their fingerprints, and the superior opens the door remotely. The application in the province is OK. Later, I planned to upgrade, but was squeezed out by another company at a low price. After arriving, I learned that the winning bidder was unable to continue after a few months and was also taken away by Party A. All in all, a piece of chicken feathers. In this project, I handled the hardware and software of the access control system by myself. Use AD to draw circuit diagrams and PCBs, purchase components, and find SMT from chip manufacturers; use C to write firmware; use Delphi to write the control terminal.

    • Later, a UWB precise positioning system was developed. I also handled the hardware and software in the early stages of the project, and formed a team only after the project was completed. From writing the firmware on the drawing board, researching the clock synchronization/TDOA algorithm, to writing the positioning engine, it was all done by one person. The positioning engine was initially written in Java. Later, when it was going to be sold as a product, it was rewritten in C++. After exhausting all methods of promotion, the profit cannot cover the expenditure, let alone recover the upfront investment. By the way, if anyone is interested, the full set of technology can be transferred (see  https://uwbhome.top for details  ).

    • Later, I built a management system for a anti-drug laboratory. I am responsible for the overall technical work, technology selection, architecture design, underlying system development, etc. This is a standard Java project with front-end and back-end separation. The front-end uses VUE and the back-end uses Spring Family Bucket. We used pig4cloud as the basis and made some modifications where inappropriate. It has some characteristics: it uses a universal printing solution, and the front-end js directly controls the printer printing (such as sample labels), and does not rely on a specific manufacturer's receipt printer; it uses WebRTC to control the high-speed camera, and does not rely on the high-speed camera of a specific manufacturer. SDK; the backend has several threads connected to the camera (HIK)/face recognition terminal (HIK)/electronic balance, which can directly capture camera photos/receive face recognition messages (websocket)/sample weighing messages (websocket) at the front end .

    • In recent years, the government has attached greater importance to anti-drug work and invested relatively heavily in anti-drug control. Some potential customers (anti-drug departments in some places) have expressed interest, but due to the economic situation, many customers' projects have been postponed. With the future uncertain, everyone decided to break up after discussion.

  • I took the architect exam at the end of 2022 and the analyst exam in May 2023. In fact, I took the senior programmer exam when I was a junior in college (1988). It was the first unified exam in the country. I originally thought that the software exam would be useless if I didn’t join the system, so I didn’t take the exam again. In August last year, a colleague planned to take the project managment examination, and encouraged me to think about taking the exam as an analyst. I used to think that "system analyst" was the ceiling for the career of a programmer. I looked online and found that analysts are only available in the first half of the year, so let’s take the architecture test first. As a result, I got two certificates.

I am in good health and have fitness habits. I used to go to the gym, but then the gym closed. I started practicing at home (Monday to Friday). On weekends, I usually go hiking with a group of friends (stream tracing in summer/caving in winter, etc.)

Although I can start receiving retirement pay at the age of 60, I plan to work until I am over 65, so I should still have about 10 years of working time.

I hope to find a job locally in Guiyang, China, or remotely.

Most things in the computer field, whether hardware or software, technology or management, can be done. It will be faster to get started in familiar areas, while unfamiliar areas may take some time. I can lead a team to guide others, or I can directly coding on the front line.

If you have suitable job opportunities, you can call me directly at +86 18985041403, Twitter: @BD8NCF, or mailto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For a more detailed resume, you can contact me directly.


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