UWB Location Dual Network Port Outdoor Anchor A1108 Baseboard Circuit Diagram and PCB Diagram - Price: $300

A1108 is based on the dual network port anchor A1106P. It adds a high-brightness LED light according to the characteristics of the outdoor environment.

Like the A1106P, there are network switch chips and POE power supply chips, which can connect multiple anchors in a series to save wiring costs and POE switch ports.

Use STM32F103RET6 as the main control MCU, W5500 as the network interface, TPS23753APW as the POE power receiver, MAX5980 as the POE power supply chip, and IP175 network switch chip.

Please note that only AD project files are provided, and there is no STM32 firmware source code. If you need the firmware source code, please click here:  UWB Location Anchor Firmware Source Code - Price: $7,500 USD

Please note that only the circuit and PCB of the outdoor anchor backboard are included, and the circuit of the UWB module is not included. Because the original UWB module DWM1000 uses a ceramic antenna, it cannot be used outdoors. The outdoor version of the anchor can only use external antennas. Therefore, either the DWM1000 module is modified and an SMA socket is installed, or another UWB module is designed. We have an external antenna version of the UWB module, please click here: UWB Module UM2000 Circuit Diagram and PCB - Price: $450 USD

We provide the following 3 versions of AD project files:

├─AnchorV-Outside V1.0
│  ├─pcb
│  └─sch
├─AnchorV-Outside V1.2-OK
│  ├─pcb
│  └─sch
├─AnchorV-Outside V1.3



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