UWB Location Single Network Port Anchor A1102P BackBoard Circuit Diagram and PCB Diagram - Price: $150 USD

The A1102P is our best-selling anchor product. The circuit structure is reasonable and the operation is stable.

Use STM32F103RET6 as the main control MCU, W5500 as the network interface, and TPS23753APW as the POE to receive power.

We will provide 4 versions of AD project files: Rev2.0, Rev2.1, Rev2.11, Rev2.2, of which Rev2.2 is the latest version. There are also DWM1000 adapter board project files.

Starting from Rev2.2, the conversion board between the anchor base plate and the UWB module has been changed from welding to pin header, so there are two types of conversion boards.

Please note that only AD project files are provided, and there is no STM32 firmware source code. If you need the firmware source code, please click here: UWB Location Anchor Firmware Source Code - Price: $7,500 USD

Please note that this sales item only includes the anchor chassis and does not include UWB module circuits and PCBs. If you use the original DWM1000 module, we can provide the adapter board PCB diagram.

If you want to produce UWB modules by yourself, we have 3 types of UWB modules for you to choose from.

UWB Module SDWM1000 Circuit Diagram and PCB - Price: $300 USD

UWB Module Anchor-RFM-PA-LNA-ANT Circuit Diagram and PCB - Price: $450 USD

UWB Module UM2000 Circuit Diagram and PCB - Price: $450 USD




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