Antenna Delay Calculation Analysis Program Source Code (not sold separately)

The antenna delay calculation analysis program is written using Delphi7.

Later in the project, we plan to add the TOF function so that the system can use both TDOA and TOF to calculate coordinates.

We also plan to use half TOF to evaluate the calculation results of TDOA to determine the vote of the location area where the tag is located.

In short, the calculation of antenna delay becomes more important.

This program can calculate the antenna delay of the anchor or tag and write it to the anchor or tag.

Because the functions described above are not officially used, we do not guarantee that this program will function correctly.

The source code of this program is not sold separately. If you purchase the full set of firmware code and configuration code (anchor firmware/tag firmware/anchor configuration/tag configuration/anchor factory initialization/tag factory initialization/firmware encryption), the code of this program is given as a gift.


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